gökçe ada tuz gölü

The information about salt lake at Gokceada:

There is a natural salt lake at a place near Kefelos beach and on the side of Kefelos (Aydıncik) that is a district at Gokceada in Canakkale. This lake is 13 km far from the center of district. This lake is a lagon and consist of creating a set of sand brought by wave and wind. Depth of the lake that are supplied with seawater and rainwater is about 1 meter. It also gets dry in hot summer and shows up salt layers. The lakeshore looks like a sea of mud and this mud contains a sleeve of sulphur and salt. It is believed that the mud will heal diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, psora due to these features. Mudbath and then to sunbathe on the beach there and to have a swim is a quite relaxing situation.

But if you have allergy, apply this mud on a small part of your body, if itching and flushing occurs, then give up the mudbath. Otherwise this bath opens skin pores just like a mask. It is said that it is also useful for acne problems.

The salt lake at Gokceada is a natural nest of Flamingos

The view of this lake is so beautiful with the wild birds. There are flamingos, long legged birds and wild ducks among the habitants of the lake. These birds generally visit this lake in autumn very much. The windy sea next to you is very appropriate for jetski, windsurfing and kitesurfing. It is also a very ideal place for the tent camps in summer. It is recommended you to come with own tents or caravans. Besides, There are some facilities to fulfil vacationers’ and campers’ needs.


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