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Where is the Dead Sea in Fethiye and how do you go to the dead sea?

The Dead Sea is undoubtedly one of the best holiday paradises of Turkey. This beautiful holiday destination which is located in Fethiye district of Mugla is visited by hundred of thousands of tourists every year.

The distance between Fethiye and Dead Sea is 12 kilometres, you can arrive here in an hour from Dalaman airport. Besides, there are regularly bus services to Fethiye from big cities.

The distance between Istanbul and Fethiye over D650 highway is about 811 kilometres. Route like that: Istanbul-Korfez-Izmit-Bilecik-Bozoyuk-Kutahya-Sandikli and Burdur. This distance takes about 9 or 10 hours by a private car if there’s no traffic and about 10 or 12 hours by bus. You can go in one hour and ten minutes to Dalaman from Sabiha Gokcen airport in Istanbul by plane and it is possible to arrive at Fethiye from Dalaman in about one hour.

The Characteristics of Dead Sea

The best beach resort of Fethiye – quite developed with regard to tourism – is undoubtedly dead sea. It was chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006. It has a very calm sea as is evident from it’s name and even if storm breaks out on nearby beaches, The Dead Sea is calm worthy of the name. There is a very important characteristic of Dead Sea in addition to this feature. The water of Dead Sea is renewed by itself almost every day. The reason for this is that there is a constant water exchange from the bottom of the sea due to the varying salt content because of the source water. Therefore, the seawater often renews itself and the seawater is always very clean and clear. Besides, people-driven pollution is minute amount because of the measures taken.


There are many touristy hotels, hostels and camps around the dead sea. The activities like mountain climbing, rafting, paragliding in addition to sea sports are quite developed. Especially, Babadag (ancient Mount Cragus) which is the most qualified place for paragliding in Turkey is located in this region. The activities of paragliding are organized here in 2000 metres height. Besides, Kidrak National Park is located in this region, too and it is very beautiful camping area. Rafting is done on Dalaman Brook.

The things that you need to pay attention if you take a holiday in Dead Sea:

1-) If you are there in July or August, the weather is very hot and the event of sunstroke is often seen. Therefore, you should be careful very much and it is advised you not to stay under the sun.
2-) The some parts of the water can abruptly be deepened, so you should learn where you must have a swim if you don’t know how to swim and it is recommended you to be sensitive if you go with your children.

We wish you happy holidays…


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