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Where is the Sainte-Chapelle? The history of the Sainte-Chapelle

The Sainte Chapelle is a construction located at 8 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 in Paris. It is located on Île de la Cité, the island where the Notre Dame Cathedral is located. It is 750 metres far from the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is one of the most important works of French gotic architecture. It was got built by Louis IX, the king of France, who lived in 13th century and had the title of Saint.

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In the early days; It was a place where sacred relics, which were brought from Byzantine Empire, were exhibited. Some of these relics were Jesus’ crown of thorns and pieces of nails said that it belongs to Jesus’ cross. The chapelle and some of sacred relics were damaged during the French Revolution. Later the relics here were moved to Notre Dame Cathedral.

worth-seeing things in the Sainte-Chapelle

The Sainte Chapelle is a construction with the most beautiful stained glass windows of Paris. There are 15 leaded windows, each one is at the height of 15 metres. Some parts of the bible were depicted on these stained glass windows. There are sections like rose window, Jesus’ Passion Window which depicts Jesus’ last supper, the statues of apostle which symbolise 12 apostles and consist of 12 columns and each one of the unique works of wood carving and sacred relics window.

Entrance fee to the Sainte Chapelle and information about visiting and transportation

Entrance fee to the Sainte Chapelle: 8€, combined ticket with Conciergerie 11€
Information about visiting: March-October  09.30 a.m 06.00 p.m, November-February: 09.00 a.m. 05.00 p.m. (It is closed on January 1st, May 1st and December 25th.)

Transportation to the Sainte Chapelle: You can arrive at the church with number 4 metro-line from “Saint Michel Notre Dame” metro stations of “Cité” or “RER-B”. It is easier to go on foot if you are on Île de la Cité.  Besides, you can come here on foot from Châtelet or Saint Michel. You can arrive here if you also get off at “Cité” or RER-B stations of number 4 metro-line.


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