Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge Cabaret

Where is Moulin Rouge? What are the characteristics of the Moulin Rouge?

Moulin Rouge (Red Mill), which is its full address “82 Boulevard de Clichy, Paris” is a cabaret built in 1889. The founders of Moulin Rouge are Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler and its architects are Adolphe Willette and Edourd-Jean Niermans. The cabaret became one of the symbols of Paris and France although it is a private enterprise. There were more exaggerated rumors than ever about it because Moulin Rouge was a place where the men went to have fun and the women danced for them and served for other things. But it became one of the most important dance centers of the world under any circumstance whatsoever.

The characteristcs of Moulin Rouge

kankan dansı, kan-kan dance
Cancan Dance

Moulin Rouge mostly serves for adult-oriented fun today. It has affected the stage shows of the cabarets in other places of the world for many years. Actually, it is the first cabaret, which was established in the world and the other cabarets originated from it. Can-can dance arose in Moulin Rouge, visited by millions of people every year. Already; the show that gave it its reputation was with the show French Cancan.

A Hollywood film was produced with Moulin Rouge titled in 2001. Moulin Rouge Cabaret made known all over the world, with this film, starring Nicole Kidman and Ben Chaplin. Today, the cabaret, which is influxed with visitors on the purpose of entertainment and tour, is one of sightseeings in Paris. It can even be visited for Red Mill and Cancan Dance.


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