Where are Pamukkale Travertines?

Pamukkale Travertine is a beyond comparison beautiful place which is located on the southwest of Turkey and in Denizli Province. It is 19,3 kilometres far from the center of Denizli over belt highway. It is possible to arrive both by airway and by highway and by railway from Istanbul. It takes 12 hours by train.

The region which name Pamukkale is a lowland which is supplied with a stream called Çürüksu. Travertines are white coloured structures formed by the precipitation of hot lime water over time. The temperature of the hot water springs in the region ranges from 35 degrees to 100 degrees. It is said that this hot water spring is good for some rheumatic diseases and rejuvenate the skin. Besides, it is asserted that it is also good for the problems like acne. It has an alcali feaure because the water contains much lime, and it cleans the body partly.

It is center of interest by domestic and foreign tourists because it has a natural view in various tones from milk white to pink and contains hot water in summer and winter. The lenght of Pamukkale is 2,7 kilometres and its height is 160 metres.

Besides, there are also ruins of Hierapolis and Ladikya ancient cities in the region. The Roman Bath, located in the ancient city of Hierapolis, has been serving as a museum since 1984.

There is an entrance fee for Pamukkale Travertines.  It costed per person 35 Türkish Liras (about 9,5 dollars) in 2017. The entrance is free for people under the age of 18 and over the age of 65 in case that they show their identity cards. There are enough hostel, hotel and restaurant service in the region. It is made entrance to travertines from two doors, the lower door and the upper door. The upper door is close to the famous cleopatra pools and the ancient city of Hiearapolis.

Cleopatra Pool

According to story, an earthquake happened in the city of Hiearapolis in 600 years of after christ and a hole occured in the middle of the city. This hole filled with the columns of the buildings and thermal water, so this pool occured. In that period, it was found out that it was good for various skin diseases, injuries and rheumatic pains. According to story, Cleopatra, the queen of the ancient Egypt,  who is famous for her beauty heard the fame of the pool and went there. It is said that she had a bath in order to become beautiful in this water whose temperature is 36 degrees in summer and winter.

kleopatra havuzu

What do you need when you go to Pamukkale?

The sunshine reverberates directly in summer because the floor is white. Therefore, it should be took sunglasses and sun cream along absolutely. You can also take shorts, hat, swimsuit, bikini, umbrella, water with you.

Take care of yourself…


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