Catacombs of Paris
Catacombs of Paris

Catacombes de Paris-Catacombs of Paris

“Stop! Here lies the Empire of Death!”. Catacombs of Paris welcome its visitors with this verse of the famous poet Jacques Delillle, who lived in the 16th century. This structure known as Catacombes de Paris was built with a taken decision in 1785. The underground cemetery located below Denfert-Rochereau Region was built in 1785 with a taken decision on the purpose of being moved here the graves in the city in order to provide new settlements and because of the fact that it caused plague. Skeletons lasted to be moved until 1814 completely.  6 million skeletons and bones in cemeteries of Paris were moved to Catacombes de Paris during 15 months.

The characteristics of the underground cemetery in Paris

Catacombes, Fransanın Gezilecek Yerleri
Les Catacombes, Paris

The underground cemetery in Paris is about 30 meters below the ground and its total area is more than 10 thousand square metres. There is a stair with 130 steps to go down to the underground cemetery. It takes about 15 minutes to descend. You go through dark and narrow passages while you go down. These passages are called as Paris Underground Labyrinth as they look like a labyrinth and they have totally more than 250 kilometres lenght. Sure, all of the underground passages of 250 kilometres lenght are not grave site, the area except graveyard passages of 2 kilometres lenght remained from old quarries.

Although there are many entries and exits in the underground cemetery, entry is forbidden for a great majority of these.  Entries-exits and areas determined in the legal framework can be showed visitors round by a guide. From time to time, visitors who use different entries through illegal ways can get lost here.

There are mortal remains of world-famous people such as Georges Jacques Danton, Élisabeth of France ( Mademme Élisabeth), Louis de Saint-Just, Jean le Rond d’Alembert in the Paris Underground Cemetery.

Transportation to Catacombes de Paris and Entrance Information

You can arrive at Denfert-Rochereau by number 4 or number 6 metro. You can alternatively use RER-B.

Entrance Fee : 13 Euro
It is open every day of the week from 10.00 a.m to 08.00 pm except Monday

The visitors make their entrance for the underground cemetery from Denfert-Rochereau Square and go out from number 36 Rémy Dumoncel Street.

Note: Those who have claustrophobia and cardiac patients should not enter here.


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