Sightseeing in Camargue
Camargue Nature Park

Where is Camargue?

Camargue is a place located in Arles Province in the south of France and near the Mediterranean Coast, Marseille and even Barcelona. Camargue is also a place, which is famous for its horses, salt marshes, lagoons and red-pink flamingos in addition to its fascinating natural beauty. Its total area is about 85.000 hectares. Besides, Rhone River flows into the sea from here. The delta that the river forms in Camargue serves as Camargue Nature Park. Although it is a village of three thousand people, Camargue can be accompanied by influx of tourists in summer and its population is fifty thousand and over during the summer.

Especially, it is one of the worth-seeing places for those who come to places such as Marseille, Verdon and its surrounding, Nice, Avignon for vacation. Besides, it is also an attractive place with Camargue Safari Tours.

The horses of Camargue are a field of interest all by itself. Thousands of horse enthusiast come here to see these horses every year. The horses of Camargue are accepted as different species. They are smaller than other horse species, but they are very strong and brave.

Sightseeing in Camargue

Camargue Nature Park (Parc naturel régional de Camargue): Vaccares Lagoon is also here and it has a wonderful beauty. Vaccares Lagoon attracts plant lovers’, botanists’ and biologists’ interest very much.

Ornithological Park of Pont de Gau: Many bird species, in particular, pink flamingos live in this park, which is a bird park.

Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer: It is a commune in Bouches-du-Rhône Province. It is famous for bell towers. Musee Baroncelli is also here.

Domaine de Mejanes: It is a place where you can watch bullfights. Excursions are organized in the park by train.

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